My father wrote many of his most famous songs over fifty years ago, and yet the interest in his music is greater than ever. Music was his consuming
interest, and he considered himself a guy who was a "craftsman"; a
tunesmith, who loved working to find the melody that he felt fit one of the
many song ideas that were forever buzzing around in his head.

With this web-site, we want to share information about Hoagy Carmichael, and keep you informed of coming events. We will offer Carmichael related
products, and even some personal items of my father's that I feel will be
collectable to the Carmichael fan. It is important that you communicate with
us whenever you want to know about a new record release (check out the new, Nora Jones, "Nearness of You" release on Blue Note Records), or maybe ask a question about his life, or an obscure fact about one of his songs. We will be having a contest or two, and this will be the place for anyone who is
interested in the world, and music, of Hoagy Carmichael.

In addition, we hope that our bulletin board will become a place where musicians from all over the world will connect, share ideas and create music together. My father would have enjoyed that immensely.

Our thanks for your continued interest in my father's music. It was the
music that made him tick, and I am sure that he would be a happy fellow if
he could see this web-site, and know that people still enjoyed his work.

Hoagy B. Carmichael

Voice Lessons in Rockland County, NY